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7ads network's unique solution is an auction between advertisers and publishers in real time, working on the RTB model. Thanks to this solution, and with the help of platforms that select the target audience with high precision (DSP platforms), the brand’s advertising content is targeted at more than 70 million mobile devices on the 7ads network, located mainly in CIS countries.

Continuous monitoring of traffic quality, strict selection measures, as well as a constantly updated big data database (including data obtained from third-party platforms), allow 7ads partners to find their target audience in the 7ads network as accurately as possible.

Direct integration with DSP platforms provides wide and detailed coverage of the target audience, which helps publishers (using SSP ad networks) to achieve maximum reach and a high ROI.


For advertising agencies, as well as media buying teams, 7ads provides API integration in order to optimize the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and ensure the free exchange of user data, which greatly simplifies campaign optimization and strategy management and allows large-scale adjustment of the goals and budgets of active campaigns.


Reaching more than six billion impressions per month is a huge number of potential engagements with future customers for your business. We do everything we can, not just to expand our network, but also to open up new, unexplored opportunities: 7ads partners gain access to our active customers, and your partners get the opportunity to learn about our products.
Thus, mutual promotion is beneficial to both parties, and allows you to expand opportunities for your business and maximize the effect of mutual promotion. We entrust our partners with the most valuable things that we have, and we are always open to your bold ideas.


Today, 7ads is firmly established as a leader in the field of native advertising. According to the CPA Life rating, the 7ads ad network has been awarded the title of Leading Ad Network in the CIS three times (2017, 2018, and 2019). We are open to all forms of media cooperation with our partners, both in working with PR on publishers' sites and on our blog pages.

If you are a provider of services, products, or content in CIS countries, we have something to offer you. We are looking for partners in the following areas:

  • Media agencies (e.g.:,, TheVillage, etc.)

  • Marketing partners (promotion on social networks, Google Ads, working with integrated systems for brand promotion, etc.)

  • External software development teams (solutions related to support platform operation and the development of additional functionality)

  • External sales departments